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Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card
Due to increases in fraud and to decrease losses with debit card credit purchases, AmeriFirst now requires you to use your PIN on certain purchases at pharmacies, grocery and discount stores. For questions, call your local office.

To report a lost or stolen debit card call any one of the offices during normal banking hours. If after hours, please call and report to 1-866-546-8273 and then report to the bank the following business day.

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The Staff, Officers and Directors of AmeriFirst are very active in local and civic organizations in an effort to assist these organizations to meet their commitments to the community, as well as allow the Bank to inform these organizations and its members of how we intend to meet their needs and the needs of the individuals in the community.
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Board of Directors

 Members of the Board of Directors

Alfred F. Cook, Jr. - Chairman of the Board

John T. Main - Vice Chairman of the Board

Robert R. Ramsey

James L. Bassett

Flynn Reggie Dubose, Jr.

Rebecca D. Gibson

Jerald Labovitz

Gregory A. Smoker

Joe M. Varner, Jr.