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Safe Deposit Boxes

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Protect your important papers, records, and valuables from fire, theft, or accidental loss. The renter of the box pays the bank a fee for the use of the box on an annual basis. The box can only be opened with production of the assigned key for that box, the bank’s guard key, the proper signature, or perhaps a code.
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Customer Service

Find an ATM

AmeriFirst Bank is a member of the STAR network, Cirrus Network, Pulse Network and PLUS Networks, which offers cardholders access to ATM facilities throughout the United States. The bank currently has four ATM locations.

  • Union Springs Office
  • Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store (Conecuh Square Shopping Center)
  • Vaughn Road Office
  • Prattville Office

  • No transaction fee for customers at any of our locations
  • $3.50 non-customer transaction fee
  • $10.00 ATM card replacement fee
  • $5.00 PIN reminder fee