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Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card
Due to increases in fraud and to decrease losses with debit card credit purchases, AmeriFirst now requires you to use your PIN on certain purchases at pharmacies, grocery and discount stores. For questions, call your local office.

To report a lost or stolen debit card call any one of the offices during normal banking hours. If after hours, please call and report to 1-866-546-8273 and then report to the bank the following business day.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

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Protect your important papers, records, and valuables from fire, theft, or accidental loss. The renter of the box pays the bank a fee for the use of the box on an annual basis. The box can only be opened with production of the assigned key for that box, the bank’s guard key, the proper signature, or perhaps a code.
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Customer Service

Service Fees

Effective December 1, 2015, the Dormant Account Fee will increase to $10 per month.
  Customer Non-Customer
ATM Card Replacement $10.00 N/A
Pin Reminder  $5.00 N/A 
Cashier's Check Fee $10.00 N/A
Check Cashing Fee (not on us) Free $10.00
Closing Account prior to 3 Months $15.00 N/A
Collection Items - Domestic $10 plus fee N/A
Collection Items - Foreign $50 plus fee N/A
Dormant Account Charge Per Quarter on Deposit Accounts $5.00 N/A
Fax Service (up to 3 pages) $2.00 $2.00 
Additional pages
$1.00 $2.00
Locking deposit bags $25.00  N/A 
Zipper Bags (Vinyl) $5.00 $10.00
Non-Sufficient Funds/Overdraft Charges (Checking & Savings) $38.50 N/A
Notary Fee Free N/A
Printed Check Orders Varies N/A
Print-outs $2.00 N/A
Research (1 hour minimum) $15 per hour $25 per hour
$0.50 $0.50
Return Items/Charge Back $10.00 N/A
Stop Payment Request $35.00 N/A
Travel Cards $5.00 N/A
Gift Cards $2.50 N/A
Wire Transfer    
Incoming Wire
Free N/A
Outgoing Wire
$30.00 N/A
International Wire
$60.00 N/A
Employee Assisted Telephone Transfer $3.00  N/A
First Call Telephone Transfer Free N/A 
Internet Bill Pay Free N/A
ATM Fee Free $3.50
Levy/Garnishment $25.00 N/A
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees*    
$24.00 N/A
$24.00 N/A
$60.00 N/A
$60.00 N/A
$72.00 N/A
$84.00 N/A
$120.00 N/A
Drill Fee $150.00** N/A
Late Fee 30 days or more past due $10.00 N/A

* Subject to availability, discounts available with certain accounts
** Minimum fees
***Cash only