travel card
Travel Smart!
The card that goes almost anywhere. Get a Visa TravelMoney card today. Easier to use than travelers cheques and safer than cash. It’s the smart and easy way to manage your money when you travel.
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In Touch Telephone Banking

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AmeriFirst is proud to offer our customers 24- hour automated phone-banking service. This service allows you to check balances, paid checks, deposits and make transfers.
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Other Services

ACH Origination

ACH payments are among the fastest growing services provided by the banking industry. For businesses, payments are received reliably and timely. For consumers, pay is deposited when expected and withdrawals are made as agreed.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the electronic payment network used by individuals, businesses, financial institutions and government entities. The ACH network exchanges funds and information throughout the fifty states and US territories and has recently expanded the network to reach across US borders to Canada. About 98% of the nation’s financial institutions, including thousands of credit unions, participate in the ACH network. The ACH vastly improves cash management capabilities and reduces the cost of funds.

The ACH network allows the transfer of either credits or debits to checking accounts, savings accounts and financial institutions.

There are few costs associated with this service. The business can expect to be charged the following fees for ACH origination:

  • $10.00 per file transmitted
  • $15.00 monthly processing fee
  • $10.00 return item fee
  • $0.05 per debit/credit item
** Certain other fees and restrictions may apply.