travel card
Travel Smart!
The card that goes almost anywhere. Get a Visa TravelMoney card today. Easier to use than travelers cheques and safer than cash. It’s the smart and easy way to manage your money when you travel.
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In Touch Telephone Banking

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AmeriFirst is proud to offer our customers 24- hour automated phone-banking service. This service allows you to check balances, paid checks, deposits and make transfers.
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Other Services

Credit Cards

Our credit cards are issued by Mastercard or Visa, which means you should have worldwide acceptance. With our great looking card designs, valuable benefits and low rate, this is the only card you will ever want to use while shopping, dining, traveling, entertaining, or getting cash advances.


  • No annual fee
  • Low annual percentage rate
  • Interest-free grace period
  • $200,000 common carrier insurance
  • Free balance transfers
  • Convenience checks
Apply now and we will quickly have your application processed so that you can start enjoying your card right away.